Much more than healthcare packaging, we aim at proposing a complete solution to keep your products and our planet safe. Our team strives for sustainability.

ECOVADIS rated us

And rewarded us with the ECOVADIS’ silver certification. Our teams are working hard to develop solutions that will keep your products safe and preserve the planet.

Our Commitments

Airnov is aware of its responsibility to protect the environment and is guided by its commitment to promoting sustainability and safety in choosing production processes and products.

Responsible Employer

Our core mission is to make life better for healthcare patients. We are committed to meeting the immediate needs of our customers, while keeping an eye on a sustainable future.

Responsible Partnership

Connect business performance with our sustainability goals. Create processes that add value to products and improve customer and employee experiences.

Responsible Manufacturer

Improve energy consumption in the production processes and engage in continuous assessments and improvements of our work methods and production processes.

We Support Your Project

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Our Core Values


Flexible and responsive, we are committed to anticipate needs,  initiate new ways of collaborating and identify sustainable opportunities that help our partners continue to grow.


Our track-record of 65-plus years of expertise in highly-regulated healthcare industries enables us to provide safe and tailored active solutions meeting our customers’ expectations and going beyond.


Local service excellence and global business continuity are at the heart of our operations: we team up with our customers to optimize their supply chain capacities and improve their product supply contingencies wherever they are.


Our project management processes are people-centered and revolve around trust, transparency and care all along the value chain, with the ambition of improving the quality of life of everyone.

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Some of our most popular products

Our solutions benefit from our innovative research and development to offer the best protection to your drugs, pharmaceuticals or any type of sensitive products. All this while integrating our efforts to reduce the impact on the environment.

Oxygen absorbers

Protect your products from oxidation and avoid degradation reactions. Our packaging offers active technologies to answer this need.

Odor control

Avoid unwanted odors from drugs, chemicals and natural associations, by using our absorption and odor release technologies.

Moisture protection

Our packaging offers an optimal efficiency in the atmosphere protection against humidity. It preserves your products from degradation.

High technology

Our latest innovations in the protection of your products.

Sustainable packaging

Be part of sustainable practices, respectful to the environment.


Let our specialists support you each step of the way and benefit from their unique knowledge.


Get the best results in the protection of your products

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