Protecting today, preserving tomorrow.

More than a company motto, Airnov is aware of its responsibility to protect the environment and is guided by its commitment to promoting sustainability and safety in choosing production processes and products.

Our core mission is about people: to make life better for healthcare patients. We are engaged in meeting the immediate needs of our customers, while keeping an eye on a sustainable future.

Airnov’s commitment is to connect business performance with our sustainability goals to exceed market expectations. Our aim is to create processes that add value to products and improve customer and employee experiences while lessening our impact on the environment.

Therefore, Airnov strives to minimize raw material and energy consumption in its production processes and engages in continuous assessment and improvement of its work methods, production processes, and products to ensure that they are safe and acceptable from the perspective of employees, customers, the general public, and all other stakeholders, as well as environmental protection.

To achieve these goals, every facility at Airnov has implemented numerous initiatives. We believe that even the smallest actions can have an huge impact.

Airnov to evaluate its activities and engage customers with the ECOVADIS program

Airnov is aware of its responsibility to protect the environment and is guided by its commitment to promoting sustainability and safety in choosing production processes and products.

In 2021, Airnov’s Romorantin plant in France entered the ECOVADIS evaluation process and achieved the BRONZE award as a recognition of its activities. This was an exciting first step to accomplish, which confirmed the interest of Airnov Management in developing its activities within the different frameworks covered by ECOVADIS, such as Environment, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable procurement.

In the foreseeable future, Airnov wants to extend its activities around ECOVADIS, to other production sites all over the world. The next target will be to involve other plants such as the Belen site in the United States, as many activities are managed globally in our strategy.

Airnov’s interest in entering the ECOVADIS program is to work seamlessly, define targets, measure the improvements of our global activities, and as a key point, involve our partners such as suppliers and customers.

Airnov collaborators are committed to key topics that include sustainability. Although some production sites are not yet covered by ECOVADIS, some activities and KPIs are already defined globally.

Sustainability activities are implemented in different departments covering purchasing, waste management, energy consumption in its production process, work methods, and eco-design process.

Airnov Romorantin to achieve ECOVADIS’s BRONZE award in 2021.

Our Romorantin site in France is the first Airnov site to achieve ECOVADIS’s BRONZE award in 2021.

Even though sustainability activities were implemented a few years ago with suitable results, our Romorantin site is exploring new potential activities and improvements to be enacted shortly onsite and alongside its partners.

Creating results is our main target, and being able to confirm that more than 99% of our plastic waste is being recycled, is a substantial achievement. The Airnov team is committed to improving its targets every day, identifying and implementing new indicators while developing new projects.

Along with its suppliers, Airnov Romorantin is developing new partnerships to increase the use of more sustainable raw materials, FSC certified carton boxes, mass-balance resins, and supply-chain optimization to reduce carbon footprint.

Airnov also started several projects with its customers such as the implementation of reusable box-pallets, shelf-life extension of finished products in secondary packaging, and improving the performance of primary packaging. Airnov is increasingly helping customers to develop more sustainable primary packaging at an early stage in development projects.

Sustainability is a daily pursuit, in which even small actions have an impact on the global measurements of the sustainability commitment of Airnov as a Global Leader in Protective Packaging.