Innovation workshops

Product Development and Innovation Workshops

Airnov is a partner in developing tailored, active packaging solutions for its customers so that they can deliver high-quality, safe products to the consumer.

Airnov Healthcare Packaging offers customers a full set of services to assist customers develop, configure, validate and implement the optimal packaging solution to protect and dispense their drug. Whether tweaking a standard product or design of a customized packaging system, Airnov has a full product development team that will quickly and efficiently engineer a solution. 

Airnov follows an ISO-certified, customer-centric, collaborative project management process that works closely to incorporate all of a partner’s product and manufacturing requirements, from formulation properties, to necessary climate conditions, to packaging requirements, and marketing considerations. Our partners provide feedback along the way from initial ideation and design, to product qualification and prototyping, to evaluation of the final product’s manufacturing and performance.

The regional offices that are part of Airnov’s global network allow us to provide localized customer service and quickly respond to our partners’ evolving needs, including for manufacturing contingencies and supply-chain continuity.

Airnov is constantly researching materials and designs to address the increasing drug stability challenges.  Airnov also has three research and development centers, which work with our partners to address their needs and develop solutions to future, evolving needs. We often hold innovation workshops in collaboration with customers to find the right solution together.

Airnov will build on its 65 year-plus legacy of delivering industry-leading active packaging in the healthcare industry. However, the company will also build upon the expertise of its new owner, Arsenal Capital Partners, which owns a portfolio of companies that also span the electronics, consumer products, and food and beverage industries.

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