ADP<sup>®</sup> vials

Airnov has developed two new diagnostic vials integrating the ADP® technology into the walls of the container. These active and ergonomic packaging solutions are ideal to protect test strips from moisture degradation, and eventually ensure diagnostic accuracy. Container + Tamper-evident Stopper + ADP® Insert ADP® Insert: Desiccant is embedded into polymer matrix for direct integration […]

ADP<sup>®</sup> – Advanced Desiccant Polymer

Advanced Desiccant Polymer (ADP®) from Airnov is an innovative and active desiccant polymer solution that can be used for various moisture sensitive end-applications like protection of medical devices, diagnostic components or pharmaceuticals. Thanks to our expertise in injection molding, we can directly design, customize and manufacture the appropriate ADP® piece, matching with your end-application and […]