Plastic tubes & desiccant stoppers

Rigid plastic tubes & desiccant stoppers form the ideal package to protect drugs and nutraceuticals – particularly effervescent tablets, chewables or lozenges – from moisture degradation and breakage, as well as extend brand equity. It limits moisture ingress via proper control of MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate), while simultaneously adsorbing moisture with desiccant stopper.

Several standard features are available for stoppers such as tamper evident, spiral or half-spiral, easy-opening, or flip-top.  As needed, Airnov’s team and its customers collaborate on specific needs to develop new concepts, applying a strict stage gate process with a unique goal of improving end-consumer experience.

With three production plants (GMP and ISO 15378) over three continents for this product line, Airnov is present worldwide guaranteeing reactivity and proximity with its customers along with supply chain optimization.


  • Enhancement of brand equity with strong expertise in offset printing for complex artwork, including up to 6 colors.
  • Proper control of moisture vapor transmission via a tight seal obtained by a dual material system and innovative mold designs.
  • Proper desiccation of the product via versatile sorbent materials (silica gel, molecular sieves and combination of both). Stoppers can also be filled with EQiusTM-Equilibrium stabilizers.
  • Compliant with US FDA and EU regulations for use in pharmaceutical applications, and US Pharmacopeia <670> for desiccant stoppers.
  • Well suited for automated filling lines.


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