OxynovTM barrier bottle

Airnov specializes in protective packaging technologies, including multi-layer extrusion blow molded pharmaceutical containers.

Oxygen – besides moisture – is one of the major pathways for degradation of pharmaceuticals, probiotics and other healthcare products during production, isolation processes and storage.

When evaluating drug properties during formulation of pharmaceuticals, the need to address physiochemical properties such as susceptibility to oxidation, can extend development time and costs. Thus, addressing oxygen in the packaging versus in the formulation can help speed time-to-market.

In order to inhibit the oxidation of sensitive drugs, our barrier bottles are engineered with six layers structure, one of which includes Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH). Oxynov™ bottles effectively block oxygen ingress and also provide an excellent barrier against moisture.


  • High passive oxygen barrier: Oxynov™ bottles significantly reduce the Oxygen Transmission Rate compared to standard HDPE bottles.
  • Full standard protection: Oxynov™ bottles neck finishes are SP-400 and can be paired with standard closures and humidity-neutral oxygen scavengers for an ideal package solution.
  • Degradation avoidance: with Oxynov™ bottles, the chemical and physical degradation of drug products can be mitigated, sometimes visible in extreme color change.
  • Additional protective properties: Oxynov™ bottles offer a UV barrier, in compliance with the USP regulation, and are registered in a Drug Master File.


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