ADP® vials

Airnov has developed two new vials integrating the ADP® technology into the walls of the container.

These active and ergonomic packaging solutions are ideal to protect test strips, dietary supplements and probiotics from moisture degradation, and eventually ensure their efficiency.

  • HAT®-IN SNAP : Container + Tamper-evident Stopper + ADP® Insert
    • ADP® Insert: Desiccant is embedded into polymer matrix for direct integration into container walls
    • Easy-snapping of the closure onto the container
    • Tamper-evident closure
    • Closure allows additional volume inside container 
  • HAT®-IN : Container with Built-in Closure + ADP® Insert
    • ADP® Insert: Desiccant is embedded into polymer matrix for direct integration into container walls
    • Closure is pre-assembled to container
    • Container is delivered closed for minimal exposure of desiccant during drugs’ filling
    • Closure allows additional volume inside container

ADP® Technology is the Advanced Desiccant Polymer from Airnov, which allows desiccant to be directly embedded at a significant high rate into the polymer matrix.

This dedicated range of product is perfectly adapted to answer specific needs for test strips or probiotics protection, especially with a hinge closure to provide consumers’ appeal, ergonomics and likelihood of closure for prolonged protection. Desiccant is incorporated directly into polymer matrix with our ADP® technology guaranteeing no dust and desiccant imperceptibility.

All the more, these technologies can be adapted to other format upon request.

Discover also our Vials with integrated desiccant portfolio also adapted for such applications.


  • Optimal moisture protection with desiccant integrated in the body of the vial, as well as optimal control of MVTR and rapid moisture draw-down
  • Ergonomic because of easy-opening/closing feature to ensure closing likelihood and adapted size allowing easy grasping and nomadic packaging
  • UV protection 
  • ADP® technology is the solution to guarantee no desiccant leakage or dust, and allow desiccant to surround test strips


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