Flat desiccants can be ideal for adsorbing excess moisture in some applications when desiccant sachets do not fit or are not appropriate for a given application.  Desiccant packets or sachets can be difficult to see or separate from powdered products, such as pre-workout nutrition powders.  Flat desiccants can often be easily positioned inside packaging to avoid interference by the customer, and are highly visible and differentiable from the powdered product.

Also, many pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and food products where package surfaces are flat can benefit from flat desiccants:

  • ADP® Plate:
    • Injection-molded plastic cards embedded with an Advanced Desiccant Polymer
    • Available in a standard 85 mm x 53 mm x 1.6 mm size or in custom sizes
    • Offers unique branding options, enabling customers to specify custom colors or messages that can be applied using ink-free laser markings during the manufacturing process
    • Calcium chloride desiccant
    • Laminated between colorful, bright orange film layers, differentiating it from products
    • Highly absorbent in higher relative humidity package conditions
    • Five standard sizes from 25 x 50 mm up 85 x 85 mm, as well as custom sizes.

Both products are US FDA compliant.  Airnov assists customers in choosing the ideal option based on the product application.


  • Flat profile saves space and allows for streamlined packaging
  • Desiccant can be placed at the bottom of nutrition powder packaging to avoid interference by the consumer 
  • High differentiation from products avoids confusion


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