ADP® – Advanced Desiccant Polymer

Advanced Desiccant Polymer (ADP®) from Airnov is an innovative and active desiccant polymer solution that can be used for various moisture sensitive end-applications like protection of medical devices, diagnostic components or pharmaceuticals. Thanks to our expertise in injection molding, we can directly design, customize and manufacture the appropriate ADP® piece, matching with your end-application and humidity protection request.

With this technology humidity protection is part of the device or packaging, offering an improved adsorption capacity per unit of volume, as well as customizable kinetics or capacity to meet specific absorption requirements.

ADP® is the ideal desiccant solution when packaging space is restricted, and it can be made imperceptible to customers. All materials used in ADP® products for pharmaceutical use comply with relevant US FDA regulations.


  • Permanent desiccation, non-dusting and swallowing avoidance: Desiccant component is directly embedded into plastic packaging with no dusting, keeping desiccant permanently integrated with packaging during shelf life and avoiding accidental swallowing
  • Unlimited and customizable shapes and sizes: Packaging components, vials, dosers, dispensers, pregnancy tests, inhalers, or delivery systems can be directly molded from ADP®.
  • Stream workflow:  No need for desiccant procurement, storage, handling, insertion, or insertion verification when ADP® is integrated.
  • Space optimization: ADP® allows manufacturers to utilize the entire volume of their packaging for their products without an extraneous desiccant. It can be integrated into space-restricted packages, or can replace an existing plastic component within a device.


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