Innovation workshops

Product Development and Innovation Workshops Airnov is a partner in developing tailored, active packaging solutions for its customers so that they can deliver high-quality, safe products to the consumer. Airnov Healthcare Packaging offers customers a full set of services to assist customers develop, configure, validate and implement the optimal packaging solution to protect and dispense […]


High speed insertion machine compatibility Airnov offers a full line of desiccant canisters and desiccant packets designed for high speed automatic insertion in customers packaging lines.  Airnov’s Compatilus Program ensures full compatibility with various automatic desiccant inserters for drop-in desiccants available from key equipment manufacturers. Under its Compatilus Program, Airnov has jointly pre-validated its standard […]


Predictive modelling & simulation tool Pharmaceutical stability and shelf life are dependent on optimal packaging. Choosing protective packaging can be expensive and time consuming. With our proprietary Stablus Program, Airnov works directly with customers to determine desiccant dosage, oxygen scavenger or barrier properties need for a specific application. This predictive simulation service simulates packaging conditions […]