Before healthcare products keep people safe, it’s necessary to keep the products themselves safe!

Whether oral solid dosage pharmaceuticals, drug delivery systems or diagnostic and medical devices, many healthcare products are susceptible to degradation and stability issues.

Airnov is the specialist of controlled atmosphere with deep knowledge in moisture, oxygen and odors management inside healthcare packaging. Contact us for more details on which solution is the most suitable for your specific needs.


Powders are a type of dosage form consisting of fine-powder or granular drugs or chemicals. Dealing with powder packaging can cause issues for many manufacturers due to the typically large volumes of material and the high-surface area of powders and granules. One of the main issues is moisture which tends to cause unwanted chemical reactions, caking/clumping of the product, and spoilage.  Airnov offers a selection of solutions, suited both for single-dose units as well as large-scale production. The palette includes desiccant bags, ADP® Plate and DRICARDTM, a combination of desiccant washers and inserts, as well as safe desiccant packets.

The problems in packaging and storing pharmaceutical powders

Powdered materials are used throughout the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, both as work in process and final dosage forms. In many manufacturing lines, active pharmaceutical products (APIs) may be produced hundreds or thousands of miles away from the facilities where tablets, capsules, or other dosage forms are produced. Protecting the API powder during transport and storage is crucial to delivering safe, effective medications.

Due to their bulk nature, API powders present a very large surface area that can allow the product to absorb unwanted moisture. This is made even worse by the fact that virgin API materials have not yet been mixed with excipients or buffering compounds that help to stabilize the product, which can cause even more rapid degradation. Airnov’s bulk desiccant bags are ideal for keeping work-in-process materials safe as they move throughout your supply chain, ensuring good product reaches your customer when needed.

Powders and granules are also presented as a final dosage form, both for pharmaceuticals and nutraceutical supplements. Dissolvable powders and granules are used when dosages are too large for other drug forms to be effective. Protein powders, dietary supplements, laxatives, and other products require large amounts of product to be ingested in a short period of time. Powders are made to dissolve in water or be absorbed in an otherwise moist environment. Exposure to humidity can kickstart a reaction, rendering them useless or even changing their chemical makeup. This pervasive issue means that it is important to create tightly sealed packaging to protect the integrity of these products. When this is not enough, additional desiccants are introduced into the equation.

Optimal ways to protect a diverse range of products

Powders are just one small piece of the puzzle in the big picture that is the pharmaceutical industry. Still, without them, a plethora of drugs would simply not be available. This makes them a crucial part of the chain. Due to their sensitive nature, protecting them remains a high priority. Companies and manufacturers compete in employing cutting-edge technology to successfully perform this task. After years of gathering experience and researching every possible route, Airnov has managed to adapt to a diverse range of situations and can boldly face every challenge that the volatile market may bring.

Our company manufactures a number of different desiccants, each tailor-made to satisfy our clients and completely protect pharmaceutical powders from degradation and unwanted chemical reactions. With the help of an up-to-date filling machine, the substance aimed to control moisture is used optimally and classification is made easy. Strict quality control is coupled with flexible grouping and counting for optimal results. This allows a batch of any size to be delivered to every storehouse, pharmacy, and retail outlet in perfect condition.

From ADP® Plate and DRICARDTM to Desiccant packets

Powder packaging is something Airnov has specialized in since its inception. Our extensive experience and production plants across the globe guarantee that we will be able to meet your expectations and deliver superior service. From bulk to single-dose packaging, our custom-made, patented solutions present the client with unique properties and protection from harsh environmental factors.

Desiccant bags are an economical yet extremely durable option. These pouches are excellent for granules and dry powder, protecting the stability of healthcare products in larger quantities. Suited both for raw ingredients and carefully manufactured drugs, they can be adapted to any given application – including bulk packaging for storage, shipping, or work-in-process material. Pouches are filled with silica gel or molecular sieve – both compliant with EU and US regulations.

ADP® Plate and DRICARDTM are flat desiccants used when sachets are unable to fit into the narrow packaging of the product. Pre-workout nutrition powders benefit greatly from this approach, as do some testing agents. Through streamlined packaging and an ultra-fast filling machine, they are inserted with great precision and can save a good deal of space. ADP® Plate Advanced Desiccant Polymer and DRICARDTM Calcium chloride desiccant are both made to be obvious and highly differentiated from the product they protect, making them next to impossible to mix up or swallow.

Desiccant washers & inserts are presented in their improved incarnation. The latest technology offers a tightness guarantee and is able to enhance and prolong shelf-life. Available in a wide range of sizes, they enable easy classification as well as quick removal. They are an ideal combo for applications involving suspension drugs that require reconstitution.

Desiccant packets maintain the beneficial properties of each product – both in a pharmacy environment as well as during transportation and storage. They may be filled with a variety of sorbent materials and their sizes range from ¼g to 10g. Available pre-cut or as reel-wound Continu-Strip®, packets are suitable for speedy yet accurate insertion, allowing for Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and a just-in-time approach to business.

The advantages of our approach

Since its inception as an integral part of Airsec in 1952, our company has provided clients from across the globe with reliable, trustworthy, efficient service. The products from our line are a testament to our commitment to providing only the best for our clients. We understand the challenges faced and use agility, experience, performance, and respect to create a perfect environment for progress. We are proud of our ability to adapt to change and face the future with a bright and assertive attitude. Through constant striving for innovation in packaging and protecting pharmaceutical products, medical devices, we aim for a level of safety rarely surpassed by our competitors.

Our Business Continuity Planning (BCP) enables us to utilize multi-lane production equipment at multiple sites, making sure that each order – no matter how large – is delivered at the right time. A fully transverse approach is perhaps our biggest advantage. We offer products in all ranges, being able to meet any demand. The team has a sharp eye for innovation and is committed to delivering only stellar results.

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