Medical device

Before healthcare products keep people safe, it’s necessary to keep the products themselves safe!

Whether oral solid dosage pharmaceuticals, drug delivery systems or diagnostic and medical devices, many healthcare products are susceptible to degradation and stability issues.

Airnov is the specialist of controlled atmosphere with deep knowledge in moisture, oxygen and odors management inside healthcare packaging. Contact us for more details on which solution is the most suitable for your specific needs.

Medical device

A medical device is any analog or digital device used for medical purposes. Employed in hospitals as well as pharmacy settings, these objects and machines perform a wide array of tasks – from treatments and testing to life support. They need to comply with rigorous requirements and standards and their packaging should be sturdy, lightweight, and offer protection against different external factors. Standard or custom-made desiccant packets have all gone through a lengthy approval process and offer superior performance at a competitive price. MOLSIEVE desiccant tablets (original design by Airnov) are an excellent way to combat moisture. Another tried and tested option is the ADP® (Advanced Desiccant Polymer) solution. Each product is designed with strong international safety regulations in mind and is able to adapt to just about any device on the market.

The benefits and challenges of modern technology

Medical devices are an integral and indispensable part of diagnosing and treating patients. These diverse objects help health care providers with a number of different tasks. Their job is to improve quality of life, and aid patients in overcoming serious illness. The manufacturer’s aim is to make them safe and effective. Medical devices come in all shapes and sizes and include simple items such as tongue depressors, medical thermometers, slightly more complex contraptions like dentist’s drills and blood pressure monitors. More advanced still are implants and prostheses, as well as some mechanisms used in diagnostics, that rely on cutting-edge technology to deliver results. It is also important to mention particularly small objects like pacemakers that operate through embedded software and help people live longer and healthier lives. All of these lie in the domain of biomedical engineering and the experts in the field tirelessly work on design, prototyping, and product development.

Due to the often sensitive nature of these products, special attention also needs to be given to proper packaging. Trays, as well as pouches, have been used to store and transport devices both within a hospital setting as well as beyond the walls of medical institutions. In recent years, technology has made substantial strides ahead which has, in turn, made devices both more efficient but also more delicate. Today, most machines used for diagnostics, monitoring, and other roles in health care are quite vulnerable to moisture, stress, shock, and other forms of impact. Protecting them guarantees their longevity and makes sure that each patient is afforded the best possible care.

There are a number of conditions each form of packaging needs to conform to in order to perform its role well. It ought to provide physical protection for its contents, making sure that the integrity of the device is kept throughout its journey and (often repeated) use. It also needs to maintain full sterility upon the point of use, as well as allow for deep cleaning and sterilization. Septic presentation is another factor that is often overlooked but can make an enormous difference in terms of how hygienic the environment truly is. None of these points are allowed to falter. Following regulation guidance and maintaining constant oversight are the only ways to implement best practices and make sure that the production process gives the desired results.

Cutting-edge innovation that meets all the highest standards

Each medical device, no matter how complex or simple, needs to be packaged, stored, and transported in a manner that is safe and prevents any of the associated risks. Beyond the usual trays and pouches that have been in use for decades, the industry has experienced constant innovation. Companies that aim to succeed in satisfying their clients always keep up with the latest trends. Airnov maintains its sharp focus and commitment to professional excellence and is able to tackle any challenge that the future may bring. Our ability to adapt is our greatest asset.

Another obstacle at which many fail is the requirements and standards that tend to vary widely between different countries. The EU, USA, and nations across Africa and Asia all have their own, unique points of view and regulations . A flexible and determined team should always be able to conform to each and take time and effort to pass the rigorous approval process. Testing under the harshest conditions, Airnov is able to meet regulations and guarantee excellent performance and protection of the most delicate devices. In addition, our production plants are located on sites across the globe and can meet the needs of partners on every continent.

From MOLSIEVE to ADP® and beyond

Creating sturdy, adaptable, reliable medical device packaging is among the most important business endeavors Airnov is committed to. All of our products go through extensive package integrity testing as well as aging studies in order to create a safe environment for the simplest as well as the most complex equipment. Currently, we offer three categories of products that aim to provide medical devices with all the safety they need.

MOLSIEVE Desiccant Tablets are available in sizes ranging from 0.125g, 0.250g to 0.370g. Their original design helps them remain discreet and hidden from view. Their main aim is to effectively combat moisture and ultimately decrease the chances of inaccurate test results. Through fast adsorption speed and high adsorption capacity, these tablets are an ideal choice for a particularly demanding hospital environment.

ADP® – Advanced Desiccant Polymer is used for moisture-sensitive end-application on medical devices as well as the most high-end technology. They are designed with permanent desiccation in mind but our team has also made sure they are non-dusting and possess a swallowing avoidance mechanism. ADP® has improved adsorption capacity per unit of volume compared to many of our competitors and, much like MOLSIEVE, is often imperceptible to customers. With practically unlimited and customizable shapes and sizes, this solution can fit the needs of just about any client.

Desiccant packets obey all the necessary standards established by the EU, USA, as well as any other region Airnov may be required to do business with. They are excellent at preventing chemical or physical degradation due to moisture. We remain focused on offering the best practices at a reasonable price so our packets can be fitted with a wide selection of sorbent materials – to suit any budget. Our high capacity, multi-lane production equipment at multiple sites guarantees speedy delivery across the planet.

The advantages of our approach

Since its inception as an integral part of Airsec in 1952, our company has provided clients from across the globe with reliable, trustworthy, efficient service. The products from our line are a testament to our commitment to providing only the best for our clients. We understand the challenges faced and use agility, experience, performance, and respect to create a perfect environment for progress. We are proud of our ability to adapt to change and face the future with a bright and assertive attitude. Through constant striving for innovation in packaging and protecting pharmaceutical products, medical devices, we aim for a level of safety rarely surpassed by our competitors.

Our Business Continuity Planning (BCP) enables us to utilize multi-lane production equipment at multiple sites, making sure that each order – no matter how large – is delivered at the right time. A fully transverse approach is perhaps our biggest advantage. We offer products in all ranges, being able to meet any demand. The team has a sharp eye for innovation and is committed to delivering only stellar results.

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