Management team

Management Committee

Dr. Matthias Brommer

President and Managing Director
Years at Airnov 8 |
 Years in Industry 20

David Kantor

Chief Financial Officer
Just joined Airnov |
 Years in Industry 20

John Hebert

Head of Global Operations
Years at Airnov 6 |
 Years in Industry 22

Vladislav Tepman

Head of Sales, EMEA & Americas
Just joined Airnov |
 Years in Industry 25

Frédéric Gaire

Head of Quality
Years at Airnov 26 |
 Years in Industry 26

Aurélie Emond

Head of Marketing, Innovation & Development
Years at Airnov 4 |
 Years in Industry 20

Regional Head of Sales

Laurent Stoufflet

Head of Sales EMEA

Robert Crossno

Head of Sales Americas

Albert Zhao

Head of Sales APAC

Gautam Arora

Head of Sales India