Management team

Management Committee

Dr. Matthias Brommer

President and Managing Director
Years at Airnov 8 |
 Years in Industry 20

David Kantor

Chief Financial Officer
Just joined Airnov |
 Years in Industry 20

John Hebert

Head of Global Operations
Years at Airnov 6 |
 Years in Industry 22

Vladislav Tepman

Head of Sales, EMEA & Americas
Just joined Airnov |
 Years in Industry 25

Frédéric Gaire

Head of Quality
Years at Airnov 26 |
 Years in Industry 26

Aurélie Emond

Head of Marketing, Innovation & Development
Years at Airnov 4 |
 Years in Industry 20

Catherine Le Balle

Global Head of HR
Just joined Airnov |

Regional Head of Sales

Laurent Stoufflet

Head of Sales EMEA

Robert Crossno

Head of Sales Americas

Albert Zhao

Head of Sales APAC

Shrikar Trikannad

Head of Sales India