Airnov continues to grow portfolio at Dongguan

Airnov continues to grow portfolio of products produced at Dongguan Dongguan plant goes from strength to strength, offering the local market a reliable source of moisture protecting solutions for healthcare packaging producers Key product ranges include desiccant packets, DRICARD™ flat desiccants and desiccant tablets, all of which are available in multiple sizes and specifications All […]

Airnov’s new IDC, a sustainable oriented product

OPERATIONAL, ENVIRONMENTAL GAINS WITH NEW INTEGRATED DESICCANT CLOSURE  Cost pressures and sustainability are two of the most pressing topics facing almost every industrial company at present. Rising energy prices, supply chain crunches and a doubling down on circular economy and net zero commitments are all contributing to an operating environment that demands innovation, agility and […]

Airnov France is now ISCC PLUS certified

Airnov demonstrates sustainability credentials with ISCC PLUS certification at its Romorantin plant International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS certification is an important step towards the circular economy Availability of renewable feedstock at Romorantin facility helped it to receive certification in October 2022 Development of more circular products is a key strategic priority for Airnov […]

Discover our new IDC® at Pharmapack

New IDC® at Pharmapack: Airnov’s latest innovation to be on display to the world at upcoming event. The new desiccant closure has been developed to reduce the number of components needed to have a complete desiccant system for pharmaceutical bottles Solution to cover both US and European market standards Pharmapack 2023 to take place at […]

Airnov enlarges portfolio with HAT®-B

Airnov enlarges portfolio with a new and innovative addition to meet evolving customers’ needs HAT®-B, launched in July 2022, is the latest product in the HAT product line designed to protect test strips, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals from moisture Capacity increased in China to produce higher quantities of HAT-SNAP to answer soaring market demand in this […]

Airnov celebrates five years of manufacturing in India

Airnov celebrates five years of manufacturing in India and announces participation at CPHI India 2022 Cuddalore facility continues to serve a growing demand in the Indian market and represents an important hub for future regional growth Airnov to exhibit a broad range of healthcare packaging solutions, including HAT-B®, EQius®, laser marked canisters and DRICARD™ at […]

Inside Sustainability at Airnov

A Look at How Healthcare Packaging Solutions Expert Airnov Continues to Pioneer Sustainable Products and Develop Sustainable Working Practices Across its Business Sustainability is a core priority for almost all packaging producers, including those which support the healthcare sector. As the world transitions towards a more circular way of operating, both in a personal and […]

Discover our new sustainable HAT®-B vials at AACC

Airnov to launch pioneering, sustainable HAT®-B vial at upcoming AACC event HAT®-B is a sustainable vial solution for the diagnostic and nutraceutical markets Airnov will also be showcasing the wider HAT® product range, as well as packets and tablets 2022 AACC scheduled to take place on July 26-28 in Chicago, USA July 21, 2022 – Airnov […]

Airnov develops sustainable upgrade to DRICARD™ moisture absorbers

Airnov develops sustainable upgrade to DRICARD™ moisture absorbers  Improved DRICARD™ offers double the absorption capacity in the same sized product Other sustainability enhancements include the use of less plastic film and an 80% reduction in the amount of ink used in the printing process DRICARD development represents the latest in a series of commitments made […]

Airnov unveils new sustainable packaging

Airnov’s environmental focus reflected in new sustainable packaging that aims to reduce plastic waste  Carton packaging is renewable and made from mostly recycled materials Corrugated cardboard is easier to recycle than large plastic pails, keeping plastic out of landfills Removal of HI Card further reduces chemicals and extraneous materials in packaging January 31, 2022 – […]