Airnov develops dedicated solutions for nutraceutical applications: ADP<supp>® Spoons

The ADP® technology has allowed Airnov to address a moisture management and humidity protection with an unlimited liberty of shapes to the market. To ensure the protection of nutraceutical powders, Airnov has developed spoons made of ADP® desiccant polymer. These spoons have the unique ability to regulate the humidity level within the container, in addition […]

Airnov highlights its IDC<supp>® squeeze & turn child-resistant closure

Airnov’s Integrated Desiccant Closure (IDC®) was introduced to reduce the number of components needed to have a complete desiccant system for pharmaceutical bottles. Airnov’s squeeze-and turn (S&T) screw cap combines child-resistant, desiccant and tamper-evident features in one single piece. To ensure the protection of medicines inside a bottle, CRC desiccant systems are most often composed […]

Airnov presents its customizable laser marked canister

Airnov’s laser marking technology has allowed its customers to reduce the risk of contamination due to inks, adhesives, and other extraneous materials while providing for a more sustainable product. Canisters were launched with a standard marking limited to a few words in Latin characters and the DO NOT EAT pictogram, but what about other regions […]