Aroma-Can® product line continues to grow with custom flavors

Airnov’s Aroma-Can® product line continues to grow with custom flavors for our growing list of customers. Last year we added strawberry and mint to the existing portfolio of vanilla, orange, and lemon. The unique capabilities of our flavor supplier allow Airnov to create new flavors in a relatively short time frame. We create custom canisters for our customers to review, using different oils and/or concentrations to ensure the aroma is perfect for their applications.

Airnov can also mix flavors in-house to create unique offerings. For example, most recently Airnov has mixed vanilla with strawberry to provide a creamier aroma for a specialized product. It’s just one more way Airnov continues to innovate with our aroma products

“The Aroma-can line has seen huge growth over the last year because of our ability to create new flavors tailored to our customer’s products,” said Nico Martinez, Global Product Line Manager at Airnov.

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