Airnov to extend the DRICARD™ product line

Airnov’s DRICARDTM high speed insertion rigid desiccant was introduced to offer a unique flat desiccant moisture absorber to maintain a dry package environment in pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical and diagnostic packaging, safe from the damaging effects of moisture.

In order to continuously improve the sustainability and the performance of its products, Airnov is introducing a New DRICARDTM product line with duplicated performance for the same shape.

“This new offering helps to decrease the part of plastic film and ink used in the product manufacturing by half” said Stephane Rault, Global Product Manager, “offering a lower impact on the environment”.

According to this key advantage, Airnov’s new desiccant DRICARDTM product line can also be used in carton primary packaging, or dispenser boxes as for example, giving the opportunity to not introduce more plastic inside the packaging.

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