Airnov presents its Big Bags with ribbon

Airnov has been a global leader in flexible desiccant technology for years, manufacturing everything from 0.25g packets up to 1lb bags in our GMP facilities. Our bag technology is used globally to protect bulk goods including APIs, finished product, and work in progress across the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Continued innovations, especially in our Dongguan facility, have allowed Airnov to provide customers with solutions when bags are needed to protect goods but cannot come into contact with product.

Airnov has an array of large bags that can now serve other industries outside of the pharmaceutical space. The team in Dongguan has created a variety of large desiccant bags with an ultrasonically welded ribbon, allowing customers to hang the bags in cargo containers or shipping packaging to protect goods in bulk. With custom printing options, Airnov can tailor these desiccants to the customer’s specific needs.

“We have been manufacturing large format bags for over 5 years,” said Albert Zhao, Head of Sales in our APAC Region, “with just a small innovation we are now able to serve a broad array of industries and customize to their needs for bulk protection.”

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