Airnov presents its customizable laser marked canister

Airnov’s laser marking technology has allowed its customers to reduce the risk of contamination due to inks, adhesives, and other extraneous materials while providing for a more sustainable product. Canisters were launched with a standard marking limited to a few words in Latin characters and the DO NOT EAT pictogram, but what about other regions or countries requiring different languages altogether?

Thanks to the unique capabilities of the laser marking systems installed at its plant in Belen, NM USA, Airnov has managed to integrate global writing systems, alphabets, and graphics to meet the needs of diverse customers globally. Customizing the marking of a canister can be done in less time than it would normally take to create new labels or print plates, with all the added benefits of the laser-marked canister.

“Lasers are the next leap in desiccant canister technology, allowing us to rapidly create graphics with in-house software to more quickly respond to customers’ needs in a more sustainable way,” said Nico Martinez, Global Product Line Manager at Airnov.

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