Airnov innovations help maximize oxygen protection

Airnov innovations help maximize oxygen protection in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products

  • OxynovTM Barrier Bottles and Pharmakeep® – an oxygen and moisture absorber designed to protect oxygen sensitive products
  • StablusTM shelf-life predictive simulator provides key insight into oxygen protection to inform which protective solutions should be used
  • Solutions combine to improve oxygen protection and reduce product development time and costs

April 29, 2021 – Airnov Healthcare Packaging, a global leader in controlled atmosphere packaging, is enabling manufacturers of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products to optimize their product development cycles through its series of oxygen protection and simulation solutions.

Products in these categories are often oxygen sensitive and require protective packaging. This includes drugs, probiotics, proteins, stents, surgical products, devices and various dry products.

To protect such vital commodities, Airnov offers two key solutions – Oxynov Barrier Bottles and Pharmakeep.

Oxynov barrier bottles utilize extrusion-blow-molding (EBM) technology, creating a six-layer bottle with ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) that offers the highest barrier to oxygen and moisture available on the market within this packaging category.

Further, these are rigid bottles do not shrink when using oxygen absorbers, offering a superior outcome to alternative standard LDPE and HDPE bottles.

Pharmakeep is a two-in-one oxygen and moisture absorber, available in drop-in canisters and packets. It helps to simplify the protection process and offers a fast way of absorbing oxygen inside the headspace of the packaging versus iron oxygen absorbers. Oxygen concentrations are reduced from 20.8% to less than 0.01%, avoiding the use of nitrogen flushing.

Airnov also offers a global evaluation tool for oxygen protection through its Stablus predictive simulator. Stablus helps to reduce time spent on product development in relation to the selection of appropriate protective solutions.

“We are encouraging our customers to evaluate oxygen protection with Stablus at start of their product development projects to help optimize oxygen protection, taking into account the key criteria of a drug product such as moisture content, packaging performance, and climatic conditions, shelf-life” commented Stephane Rault, Oxygen Absorber Product Manager at Airnov.

“If you’re looking to reduce your development time and costs, please contact Airnov for a full oxygen protection evaluation.”

Airnov’s Oxynov barrier bottles and Phamakeep oxygen absorbers are widely available in different specifications, the company’s development team on hand to provide Stablus services throughout various regions.

To discover more about how Airnov can protect your oxygen sensitive products and reduce your time to market, contact us today.

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