Airnov highlights its IDC® squeeze & turn child-resistant closure

Airnov’s Integrated Desiccant Closure (IDC®) was introduced to reduce the number of components needed to have a complete desiccant system for pharmaceutical bottles. Airnov’s squeeze-and turn (S&T) screw cap combines child-resistant, desiccant and tamper-evident features in one single piece.

To ensure the protection of medicines inside a bottle, CRC desiccant systems are most often composed of a bottle, a two-piece CRC closure, an added desiccant and an induction seal. Designing the closure and the bottle as a set  allows to create a tight seal to limit moisture ingress during storage. Compared to a traditional multi-component system, Airnov offers a solution with only 2 parts ! With the desiccant integrated into the closure, Airnov not only significantly reduces the amount of plastic used, but also eliminates the need for a separate desiccant.

Thanks to this disruptive change, the IDC®-S&T offers many efficiency gains. Airnov can now offer a complete container-closure system with desiccant, while eliminating the drop-in and the induction seal processes, thus reducing the energy required to package the drug product during the filling process.

This initiative is fully in line with Airnov’s commitment to include sustainability as a key mindset in the development of new products, says Dr. Elisa Le Floch, Global Product Line Manager at Airnov.

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