Airnov develops dedicated solutions for nutraceutical applications: ADP® Spoons

The ADP® technology has allowed Airnov to address a moisture management and humidity protection with an unlimited liberty of shapes to the market.

To ensure the protection of nutraceutical powders, Airnov has developed spoons made of ADP® desiccant polymer. These spoons have the unique ability to regulate the humidity level within the container, in addition to their powder scooping function.

They can be freely sized and shaped to meet customers’ needs in terms of size and volume. They can also be customized to match the customer’s brand identity through color, laser marking or engraving.

Nutraceutical powder systems are usually composed of a jar, with a desiccant packet and a dosage spoon.

The ADP® spoon reduces the number of components used in such a system to ensure product safety. Compared to containers without desiccant, ADP® spoons also increase shelf life by reducing the moisture level in the container after each opening.

“Not only ADP® provides a higher capability to adapt and answer all our customers’ needs, but it also allows Airnov to follow its path to more sustainable products”, says Melissa Plantier, Product Manager at Airnov.

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