Controlled atmosphere packaging with protection against moisture & oxygen

To maintain potency, stability, and shelf life, pharmaceuticals and healthcare products often require highly protective and active packaging. Airnov provides critical industries with high-quality, controlled atmosphere packaging, so that critical healthcare industries can protect their products from moisture and oxygen. Excellence, quality, and safety in our manufacturing processes are a cornerstone of this engagement.

Our services


This predictive simulation service simulates packaging conditions and helps customers determine optimal solutions for shelf life protection.


Compatilus™ Program ensures compatibility of our drop-in solutions with various automatic desiccant inserters.

Innovation Workshops

Whether tweaking a standard product or design a tailored-made packaging, Airnov has a worldwide product development team to quickly engineer a solution.

Our values

By protecting drugs, we protect people and give priority to a virtuous approach for our whole relational ecosystem: final users, our customers and our collaborators.

To deliver on this vision, we rely on our employees’ common mindset and unique attitude. Every day, their behaviour and the outcome of their work are driven by four values: agility, experience, performance and respect.


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